Hiking Waipi’o #1


Most guests ask how to see Waipi’o Valley. If you are active and love walking hiking is a great way to see the valley. I always ask “Do you want a moderate, difficult or radical hike”? I am talking about a moderate hike here.

Waipi’o hill is very steep 25% + grade. I always zig zag down the hill so I do not blow out my knees. I also tell guests to take a $5, $10 or $20 bill in case you don’t want to walk back up. You can stand at the bottom of the hill and wave money to catch a ride. Or you can stand there and someone will offer you a ride.

At the bottom of the paved road turn left into the valley to see Hi’ilawe waterfall and a view of the Taro fields.

To get to the beach at the bottom of the hill take a right. It is a short walk to the beach. Waipi’o Bay is a mile long black sand beach. The longest black sand beach in Hawaii. It is a major surfing area. Also a great place to spend the day walking the beach and enjoying a picnic lunch.

Please note: Winter water is very dangerous. I do not recommend swimming in Waipi’o in the winter months (December, January and February) unless you are an Olympic level swimmer.