Waipio Valley Adventures

After 31 plus years of living right down the road from Waipio Valley its beauty still amazes me. This post is going to be for guests that just have a few hours to explore and enjoy the valley before moving on.

Early morning right after breakfast is a great time to hike. The weather is still cool and the light is great for photography. I always offer my walking poles, a great saver for the knees. The grade is 27% plus, the good news it is only 3/4 of a mile. When I used to walk the hill I was on tiptoe in three places.

As your time is limited at the bottom of the hill turn right to the ocean. There is a mile long “black sand” beach that has been light gray for many years. Enjoy the beach and start your hike back up. Or if you are inclined at the bottom of the hill wave a $5 or $10 bill at any car driving up the hill for a ride back. This little hike to & back from the beach will take about 2 hours. And you will have a stunning introduction to the amazing valley of the Hawaiian kings.