Wayside Diaries and Guest Feedback

“Jackie, I’ve seen nearly every B&B in the state…but yours is one of THE BEST. From the fabulous breakfast to the “Princess in the Pea Bed”, your B&B is a wonderful quiet haven and a journey back to the Hawaii of yesteryear with all of the warmth and hospitality that defined Hawaii as the “Aloha State”. Once again Fommers gives you a Star rating as an accommodation not to be missed.”
-Jeanette Foster – Frommers Guide Book

“Last evening we arrived and I was drawn straight through the abode to the gazebo, and across the boardwalk to the slated haven – the warm evening breeze brushed my cheeks and breathed a wispy welcome. I felt sheer contentment and peace.”
-Janice – California

“To dream in this beautiful room, to play in this beautiful garden, to eat incredible meals and to be pampered like Royalty is rare. I loved being in your beautiful home and to have enjoyed it all. Thank you, thank you for the fun,  the healing and the gratitude for your enormous generosity.”

February 10
Here I have listened to the voice of my soul. In the quiet of midnight and the early morning, thoughts take on a life of their own. They provide those latest urges that impel me to commit to the blank page what gestates, ill-formed, in the alleys of my mind, my spirit. This is a place where sleepy creativity comes alive and emerges from its slumber. It is good to be here: nourishing, where the falling spirit is renewed some and where the sinews of the self are not as taut as they were on the way here.
– Mahalo, Jim – Oahu, Hawaii

Dear Jacqueline,
In one of the books in this interesting room, “Shoeless Joe”, one of the characters quotes”Success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you get.” Unless I miss my guess you have achieved both success and happiness in acceptable proportions, and I hope this experience can help Fran and I to focus more intensely on creating our Field of Dreams. Thanks for your perfect hospitality and for sharing your insights about starting and running a B&B in this wonderful, remote paradise.
-Aloha and Mahalo, Richard

“An occasional sound of a rooster crowing or jackass baying, or cow mooing, or cat purring…fade away so quickly. With the gift of a deafening silence enhanced by a full moon, a blinking sunrise and an endless ocean view. We have found the tranquility we needed. Mahalo for being here.”
– Bonnie and Ron

Jackie’s Island dawn
not a time to be embedded in sleep
or on the road coffee sloshing from one’s cup
Meditate on the beauty
Golden shafts of sun chopped distantly by streaks of rain
Dark on the horizon
The glasses sea casting back Brazen light
Silver lined clouds, Blue sky colors bare remembering
Platinum, copper, silver, powder blue, tarnished silver,
Aluminum blue, welders white
Who could sleep through such a sight.

November 21
Well, we are surely sad to be leaving the Islands, but after a fabulous five weeks, I’m sure we are out of line to complain. Walking in the Birds Eye room, being nurtured by a perfect breakfast (complete with correctly brewed coffee!) has set the stage for our last days in Tropical Paradise. We’ve appreciated your exquisite taste and attention to detail that other properties often miss…many thanks for sharing your beautiful home and yourself with all of us visitors.
-Mahalo, Megan and Patricia

For the food, the laughter, the stories, the secret hidden treasures, but best of all: your kind heart, feisty spirit and radiant serenity. It has been a “turn” of a life time.
-Karen and Brian, Watertown, MA